How to Go On Vacation & Keep Your Small Business on Track

vacationLast week we talked about staying productive during the summer when distractions abound. This week, let’s discuss how not being productive is beneficial for you and your small business—let’s talk vacations.

Be honest, does going on vacation seem like a fantasy? As small business owners we’re on the job 24/7—and it’s difficult to unplug. But—you can do it. Here are three tips to help you really take a vacation this summer—and still keep your business on track.

  1. Delegating responsibilities to employees is not only essential to growing your business, but also makes it possible for you to take time off. Figure out who on your team can handle your duties while you’re away and which aspects of your role can wait till you get back. You may want to spread your duties around, or hand them off to one point person.
  2. Whichever approach you take to delegation, have one person at your business handle your emails, phone calls and other communications while you’re out. Tell your key customers how to contact this person in case they need to reach out while you’re away. Make sure your staff knows what you consider a “real emergency” that justifies contacting you on your vacation. Or, if you can’t unplug completely, set up a time each day when you’ll check in briefly to see what’s going on.
  3. Sometimes, you do need to get work done on vacation. Don’t spoil your vacation by feeling guilty—do what you need to do and then get on with your day. Make sure you bring whatever equipment you think you’ll need. Today’s tablets are so powerful you may be able, if you prefer, to leave your laptop at home. And if you use the cloud, you can access whatever files you need—no matter where you are.

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