Fighting Summeritis

ThinkstockPhotos-472054082The summer season officially kicks off this weekend (though we’re still about a month away from summer itself)—and many entrepreneurs have trouble getting everything done. Warm days and nights (especially after a horrendous winter) can easily tempt us to want to close early on Fridays (or take the day off altogether) and head to the beach or lake. Do you want to cancel meetings so you can jump on your bike for a long ride or head to the golf course or ballpark? You might be experiencing a case of Summeritis

Don’t worry, summeritis isn’t fatal—to you or your growing business—there are ways to enjoy summers and still be productive and get your work done.

  1. You’re likely not the only one experiencing summeritis—it may be harder to schedule meeting with clients, both current and potential. Instead of trying to squeeze meetings in, strategize about new ways you can connect with customers, welcome new clients, reconnect with former clients and reward your referral resources.
  2. If you know you’re going to struggle with finishing big projects (employees taking vacation, etc.) try not to commit to summer deadlines, unless of course you have no choice. If you think you won’t be able to meet a deadline, it’s better not to commit to the project in the first place.
  3. Need help? Check with local high schools or colleges and see if they have internship programs. You are running out of time to do this, so make the call this week.
  4. You should give in to summeritis—at least a little. If you can’t take a real vacation, give yourself a break and take a few days off to reinvigorate your brain. Just experiencing a new environment or clearing your brain of work, can ignite your creativity.
  5. Make sure you give your employees some summer breaks. If you can’t do it for the whole season, try to give your staff an occasional summer Friday, where you close for the day or close early. Everyone will be appreciative and productivity is bound to increase.

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