Are You Bored with Your Small Business?

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Are you tired of your business? Once their small businesses get past the “romantic” startup stage, a lot of business owners lose their initial levels of excitement. By nature, entrepreneurs are excitement junkies, and when things aren’t changing, we get bored. The good news is that our desire to “shake things up,” to break the rules, may be just what our companies need.

Take a hard look at your business—does it a makeover? Here are some questions to get you thinking:

Is it time to expand geographically? If your business is doing great in one location, maybe it’s time to expand to two or even consider franchising your operations. Are customers outside your local area asking for your products or services? Test the waters with a second location nearby first.

Is it time to expand demographically? Maybe you started off selling kids’ clothes, but moms love them too. Should you expand into a women’s line? Or if you sell B2B, could a service targeting one type of business also work for another?

Is it time to add products to your services, or vice versa? If you provide pool-cleaning services, maybe you could generate extra revenue by also selling do-it-yourself pool care products. If you have a pet store, could you add grooming services at your location?

Is it time to add ecommerce? If you own a brick-and-mortar store, adding an ecommerce element is a great way to expand to attract customers out of your area—or even out of the country. You don’t have to sell your entire product line online, either—starting small enables you to test the waters before you dive in.

Is it time to add brick-and-mortar? Going the opposite direction, many ecommerce retailers (Birchbox is just one example) are adding physical stores to successful ecommerce businesses. If your product is one people love to see and touch in person, this could be a smart move for you.

Is it time to hire? Sometimes adding additional brainpower to your business can enable you to see things in new ways. Maybe you’re overburdened with day-to-day operations and it’s time to get a key manager in place who can give you more time to work on the big picture.

Is it time to partner up? Creating joint ventures with complementary or related businesses is a great way to expand your reach without investing a lot of money in new infrastructure, people and overhead. Be sure you think the partnership through and use an attorney to craft a joint venture agreement beneficial to both of you.

Is it time to get a group going? Talking to other entrepreneurs can get your creative juices flowing and generate ideas for all of you to build your businesses. If you’re feeling restless, starting a monthly meeting with like-minded business owners is a good way to start shaking things up—and keep yourself accountable for following through.

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